Comic the first

March 5, 2008

Comic the first

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the poor kettle has clearly been through this before.


Sketched Universe

December 22, 2007

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November 15, 2007

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I sure hope so.  Following the reported success of Radiohead’s In Rainbows release and Cliff Richards adopting a similair strategy, news is making it’s way around the blogosphere of music, film, and culture publication PASTE MAGAZINE being next in line to have a go at the “Name Your Price” pricing model.  I’ll bite if only to help prove that this pricing model can work out well for both buyer and seller while cutting out the middle man. 

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and here’s a funny comic with which to test

Radium! (And then leukemia.)

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It’s been raining all day. There is rain in the forecast for the next three days straight (here in Philadelphia that is). The World Series is on and it’s raining (in Boston). So, here’s some great music well suited to wet days like these:

Mary J. Blige – My Life
“This certainly isn’t your parents’ (or grandparents’) soul. But it is some of the finest modern soul of the ’90s, backing away to a certain extent from the hip-hop/soul consolidation that Blige introduced on her debut album. The hip-hop part of the combination takes a few steps into the background, allowing Blige’s tortured soul to carry the album completely, and it does so with heartwrenching authority. My Life is, from beginning to end, a brilliant, wistful individual plea of desire.”

GZA – Liquid Swords
“…the Wu actually never did top this album’s mix of pirated Asian cultural references, been-there-done-that noir, rugged, terse, no-bullshit lyricism, and wild-card catchphrase loopiness: like one who tries to catch lightning in a bottle again, they never yet managed to make anything this memorable, otherworldly, and strangely beautiful again. ”

Zero 7 – Simple Things
“Characterised by Rhodes piano, sweeping strings and gentle, parping brass their music is way beyond the monikers of ‘chill out’ or ‘ambient’, it is soul food from the lounge room at the end of the universe.”

Slum Village – Fantastic Volume 2
” Hands folded across the chest. Relaxed but ready for action. Fantastic Volume 2 captures Slum Village‚Äôs swellegant b-boy stance on record.”

Amel Larrieux – Infinite Possibilities
“…she calls to mind female jazz greats and contemporary soul eclectics from Billy Holiday to Les Nubians More concerned with love and spirituality, Amel segues effortlessly from the love themes of “Make Me Whole” and “Even If,” to the introspective “I N I” and “Searchin for My Soul,” with the jazzy lead single “Get Up” setting the course.”

Res – How I Do
“Res’ voice is more unique and emotionally direct than big and operatic, a perfect fit for the rock-soul sounds behind her. The lyrics, written largely by singer-songwriter Santi White, are diarylike poetry about being yourself, being strong and being in love – “What’s your soul taste like, baby?” she coos on the dreamy, reggae-ish “700 Mile Situation.”

Grab these, sit back and wait for sunshine. And use the word “swellegant” in conversation at some point during the day. I promise, it will brighten someones day =)

As reported by the BBC.

“…Users were only invited to join the site if they could prove that they had music to offer, according to an IFPI spokesman.”

Half truth. Users were invited to join the site if they were given an invitation by a current member. Invitations could come from friends and family, message boards, various websites – invitations could even be purchased.

“…They were encouraged to distribute recordings in the torrent file format with other OiNK members, and have to keep posting such music to the site to maintain their membership.”

Again, half truth. Many (most?) users never posted a single recording to the site. The requirement for maintaining an OiNK account had nothing to do with your ability to “post” music to the site and everything with share ratios.

I’m picking at words here a bit, but clearly what people will take from the spin of these statements is that the OiNK staff were ruthless criminals, robbing both the record industry and their membership blind. I won’t speak to the legality / morality of file sharing here, but these witch hunts will not win the RIAA-type organizations (RIAA, IFPI, FACT, ARIA) any supporters.